Friday, November 19, 2010

Ethan is finally becoming more open to food. He won't eat much, but he has been better about trying new foods. We can usually get him to eat some things off of our fork. Slowly the variety of foods he will eat is increasing. He's just not a big eater I guess. That is so different from what Dylan was. As a baby, he was a great eater. He still is too. But he would eat whatever we would give him and eat so much of it, we would have to cut him off! The difference in these 2 boys is amazing. Keeps me busy, that's for sure! Dylan is so laid back and easy going and Ethan is well, high maintenance I guess you could say. At least its not boring around here!
I got out our video camera yesterday, and there was still a tape in there. I do not video nearly as much as I should. Shame on me. It was all Dylan. So I sat down and watched the tape and it was so much fun. In just over 60 minutes I got to see Dylan grow up. It started when he was around 15 months old, and the last thing I had taped was Christmas when he was 3. It is so sad that I forget what his little voice sounded like, his limited vocabulary and how he used what he knew to tell you what he wanted. Anyway, I really enjoyed watching it. I need to record them more often. I need to get more tapes!
The other day I made breakfast for dinner. I made pancakes, and made them in small batches. Wait, when I say batches it makes it sound like I am making huge amounts. I'm not. I only get 2 or 3 in the pan at a time. So I did 3 batches. The last batch is what Dylan and I ate. The pan temp got away from me a little bit, so in the middle of the pancakes was a bit of burnt. They tasted fine, and it wasn't much so we ate them. But when Dylan saw the burnt on his pancake, we had a conversation. Here it is:
Dylan: I can't eat this pancake. It has dirt on it.
Me: Its fine, just eat it. Its not dirt.
Dylan: What is it then?
Me: Nothing, just eat.
Dylan: But what is it?
Me: Its flavor.
Dylan: Oh! Flavor? Whats flavor?
Me: It makes it taste good.
Dylan: Oh Ok!
He then looks through the rest of his pancake pieces and says "Wow, this one has flavor too! Oh, so does this one?"
He was excited because he got more than one piece with "flavor" on it! Gotta love that kid! It was so funny. I wish you all could've actually heard it.

I almost forgot! Ethan is finally drooling a lot less. Most of the day he can go without a bib now. Since the poor thing was 2 weeks old, he has had to wear a bib, because he drooled so much. I am so happy to be almost done with the bibs!
Be sure to scroll down and look at the pictures from my last post if you haven't seen them yet. I get annoyed when it comes time to upload, because it seems to take forever. So make sure you see my effort.

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