Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dylan must be going through some sort of growth spurt, or something? He has been incredibly whiny all week. He normally is not like that. He had a good day at school. No problems when I picked him up thankfully. Most days he tolerates Ethan well. He plays well with him, but you have to watch him, because he doesn't understand how rough he can be. He doesn't do things on purpose. In the evenings while I am making dinner I stick Ethan in his walker, and he usually ventures in to Dylan's room. Dylan doesn't seem to mind most of the time. It helps me get dinner on the table at least. Ethan will zoom back and forth between Dylan's room and the kitchen.
Christmas is a month away, and I don't have much figured out. I have an idea for Dylan. I keep hoping they will mark it down a bit though. I have NO idea what to get for Ethan. None. He plays with Dylan's stuff. There is a lot that he cant play with though. I keep hoping to come across some baby toy that looks appealing, but nothing so far. I have one thing for Ryan, but I still need something else in case he doesn't like what I have already. So I have NO Christmas shopping done at all.
Ethan is doing well. He pulls up on everything. It makes me so nervous though. He isn't very coordinated, so when he is standing in front of something I am holding my breath, hoping he doesn't fall and hurt himself. He is back to drooling again. More teeth must be on their way. His eating is hit and miss. As soon as I think he is getting better about it, he starts to refuse. I'm hoping with all of the food tomorrow that he will at least eat well then. Keep trying is all I can do! a crying baby. Happy Thanksgiving!

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