Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is it too early?

Ok, so I have another stupid habit (which I blame on boredom) in the afternoons while Dylan is napping comes on the weekends. Its called QVC. Ryan is working, Dylan is napping, so I am alone with myself. I sometimes find myself watching this shopping channel. Especially the kitchen shows. Anyway, this weekend again Ryan is working, Dylan is asleep. I would love to take a nap, but for some reason, I cant fall asleep. QVC here I come. They are doing "Christmas in July" right now. Everything they have on focuses on Christmas time.
So is it too early to be wanting the holidays to be here? I wish that it were Thanksgiving time and getting close to Christmas. First of all, the food. Always ready for all the food. But also, the families. Its nice to see everyone and just sit and talk. Usually everyone clears the whole day, so nothing is rushed and it is so nice to have that time. At Christmas time, I really enjoy having everyone here. I enjoy cooking the food and having all my family in one house. Its so nice to watch all of the kids rip open their gifts. It brings back good memories for me as well. Again, no one is rushed and we all just sit and talk. Christmas usually brings us all into one room for the gifts and allows us all to talk. Now, that doesn't happen very often. There seems to be so many of us anymore, its hard to get everyone together, let alone in one room! I just hope that this year, I won't be too uncomfy in the end of my pregnancy to have everyone here. I will do whatever I can to have them all down here. Its just so nice to invite them all here.
And since I mentioned it, Thanksgiving and Christmas time means that the baby will be here soon. And that in itself is enough to wish for the holidays!
I could do without the snow and ice that usually comes with that time of year.

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