Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Where to start....well, first off, we got Dylan's future room all cleaned out. We put up the bed and got it where it needs to be. Now we just need the doorway. We have heard nothing from the guy who is supposed to be working on it. Who said he would have it all done by January. So yeah...still worried about all of that. We also got out Christmas tree put up. I am working on getting it decorated now. We've been staying pretty busy around here, but it feels good to get things done. No matter how little they are.
Yesterday when I picked Dylan up from school there was a sign on the door letting everyone know that there had been cases of chicken pox in some of the kids in the school. No one was every at the school with the actual spots, but had developed them over the weekend. So its possible that LAST Monday, Dylan was exposed to a child who was developing the virus. Although it was probably minimal exposure considering he was there for only a few hours on Monday, but it is still possible. I was completely ok with that. Chicken pox is really no big deal. Ryan and I chose to opt out of that particular vaccine for the time being with Dylan, so that he could be exposed and get natural immunity. So we know that he will get them at some point. We'll come back to this in a little bit.
I had my regular check up today. I am 34 weeks along now. Wow...
Baby's heartbeat was 144, which is good. My blood pressure was good as well. However, when they tested my urine they said that the protein and glucose in the urine was high. They are going to send it off for more testing. She said it could have been from my breakfast or there could be some sort of infection going on. The test will take 48 hours. So if I don't hear back from them by Friday, I will be in the clear. I really hope that there isn't something wrong. I am so close to the end of this pregnancy, it would be sad to have complications now.
So while I was there after all of that, I wanted to ask the doc about being exposed to the chicken pox. I told her the situation, told her we don't know yet if he has it, because there aren't spots yet, told her that I've had them already. I wanted to know if there were any precautions that I needed to take if Dylan does get them. Honestly I figured she'd say don't worry things will be fine. Well, apparently during pregnancy it doesn't matter if you've had them or not, they can cause problems. If Dylan does get them, then I have to go in for blood work so they can look for the virus and see if its old or new and then monitor me from then on depending on the results. It would mean more blood work and ultrasounds until delivery. She said that ideally, I should stay away from anyone with the active virus, but she knows that with your own child it's just not possible, so tests and more tests for me to make sure things are ok. I had NO idea that it would be a big deal since Ive already had them and the baby is safe inside of me, with my immunity! So instead of being ok or comfortable with Dylan getting the chicken pox I am now worried that he will get them. I know that if he gets him he will be just fine. Now its me and the baby that I worry about.
So let's all keep our fingers crossed that the urine test comes back fine and that Dylan does NOT develop the chicken pox!
With all of that worry its so close to Christmas. I just want the pregnancy to end well and Christmas to come and go happily. I am looking forward to Christmas. I just want it to be a happy time of year.
Speaking of Christmas 90% of my gifts have been bought. There are a few last minute things to get, but they will be very easy to get so it's not a big deal. I do still need something good for Ryan though. He isn't easy to buy for!

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  1. We have decided that we're not vaccinating Nellie against chickenpox; I would rather her get them and have the natural immunity. However, I'm not sure I've ever had them so I guess I have to ask my doc if there's a way they can find out.

    Glad to hear the room is coming along, I hope you hear from the people who are taking care of the doorway soon! We are getting so close to meeting our babies!


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