Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Ours was pretty good. Dylan could have acted better though. Really it's my fault. I let him get away with a lot more than any other time. Our meal was good and it was so nice to sit and talk with family. We just don't get to see each other as much as we should. Dylan is tired. He played hard with the kids today. But like I said, he got away with more than he should have. Ryan had to work today so he was basically on call. He did a couple of runs. But he couldn't be with Dylan and I at my family's. In between runs, he was in the combine trying to run the rest of the corn. Hopefully in the next day or 2 they will be done with it all and finally put harvest to a rest. The weather certainly turned today. Its cold and windy now.
The sales this year at all of the stores just aren't as good as they have been I don't believe. Looking at the ads it seems like the price mark downs aren't as big as they have been in the past. Maybe I'm wrong. No going out for me this year. There just doesn't seem to be anything out there I want to get for anyone. If I had a bunch of money, of course there are things I could go buy for myself. I just don't have that big bunch of money! So this year now that it is cold, windy and rainy, I will still be asleep at 5am, rather than standing in line. I think I can handle that though.
Now it is on to thoughts of Christmas. I am anxious to put up my tree, but I think I will hold off for a little while. I really should do other things first before spending the day putting up a tree. But we'll see. I just need more energy. Or a maid. Really it would be someone that I would order around and do things FOR me. I could get more done if someone were to do the work for me, haha! But I don't think there is anyone that would go for that. Maybe one day it will all get done.

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