Thursday, December 31, 2009

This one is a long one!

Ok, first, another doc appointment. The 24 hour urine test came back normal. So no more worries. I imagine they will leave me alone now. No change in my dilation at all, which I expect. I don't imagine I will change until labor actually starts. I stayed at 1 cm with Dylan until labor too. So anyway, it was an easy appointment. The only problem was that I sat in that stupid exam room for over an hour before the doc finally came in! Completely crazy. How can you leave a patient sit like that! Grr!!! Next appointment is Tuesday.
Now, to Christmas. Busy few days. Christmas Eve was pleasant because Ryan was home from work early, so it was nice to just all be together. After Dylan went to bed we put the gifts under the tree and stuffed the stockings.

Sorry the pic is sideways. I really don't feel like uploading these again. You get the idea anyway!
So when Dylan woke up on Christmas morning he came in the living room to turn on the tree like he does each morning and saw all of the gifts. He kept saying "wow! presents!" I think he repeated that 3 or 4 times before he turned and looked at me. He was thrilled! So we ate a quick breakfast and then started on the gifts. Dylan wasn't so thrilled about taking time to take a picture before he got going.

So he got some nice gifts, but not too many. Here is one more from that morning.

Later that day we went to Ryan's parents for Christmas dinner. The meal was good as always. I was very happy that Dylan was patient when it came time for the gifts. I worried that he would try and 'help' everyone else open gifts. I didn't want the other kids getting upset because Dylan wouldn't leave them alone. But he did very well. He patiently waited his turn to open each gift. Once again, he got some really nice toys. Here is one pic from that evening.

Again sorry that it is sideways. It takes too long to upload!

Then on Saturday, my mom's side of the family was coming down here for a lunch. Mom came down early to help this large pregnant woman cook an entire meal. Thanks mom! We cooked all kinds of stuff. The meal turned out great. Most everyone in the family made it down. We missed a couple though because of work. All of the kids seemed to get along well and played well together. Dylan can get a little out of control sometimes around other kids. He did some-what, but held it together for the most part. It was so nice to see all of the kids tear into their gifts. There's just something so nice about watching that all unfold! They all tore into their gifts and had most of their toys opened in probably 15 minutes. They all made out pretty well! Here is one pic from that day too.

So Sunday it was time to relax. We did nothing. We were able to get all of Dylan's gifts out and set up. I got the house almost back to normal. Sunday Dylan started to complain about his ear hurting. We kind of sat around that eve because he wasn't feeling well. Monday he didn't get to go to school because of his ear. I made him a doctor's appointment and sure enough he did have an ear infection. He got started on antibiotics. Now he seems to be completely fine. We are finishing the meds but they seemed to have done their job.

So today I got the tree stripped down. Its just waiting for Ryan to take it apart. I have been busy getting baby stuff ready too. I got Dylan's overnight bag packed and ready. I put all of baby's clothes put away into a dresser and laid out the outfits I want to take to the hospital for him. I still need to get my bag packed though. Bassinet and car seat are downstairs and cleaned, ready to go. I feel ready for the little one now. As ready as I can be. Dylan's new room still has had no progress which upsets me every time I walk by it, but there isn't anything I can do about it. All I can do is get the little stuff ready and try to keep the house together until we bring the little one home.
Ok, that's all from me now I think.
Happy New Year everyone

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