Saturday, December 12, 2009

Have you noticed, I don't do titles?

Yeah, I'm not creative.
Kind of a busy weekend. But it really has been a nice one. Friday we took Dylan and met with my Grandparents. They wanted to enjoy his energy for the weekend, so who am I to say no. So we met them, had a nice lunch and then it was just Ryan and I. We did a few things in town we needed and wanted to do. Then Ryan had to be up at the firehouse to help clean up for the Christmas dinner that was today. So we stopped in there. We were there very very late so after that, we crashed for the night. We didn't do much today though. Mainly a few little things around the house, getting things back in order around here. This eve then was the Christmas dinner at the firehouse for all the volunteers and their families. It was a nice dinner, good company. So here I sit, very tired, but happy.
I did call earlier and check on Dylan. Grandma said he wasn't being very good. Which is very easy for me to believe. He has been kind of rough to deal with lately. I really hope it is just some phase he is going through. But he can be, well, a pain. He has taken to back talking. And whichever form of punishment we try, nothing works. It is extremely frustrating. I just don't know what else to do other than what I am doing.
Anyway, I never have heard back from the doctor's office on my tests they sent out, so things must be ok. I have another appointment at the end of the week. This time, I will just watch what I eat before the appointment and see if that helps. Also, so far Dylan has shown no signs of chicken pox. So for the time being, that is great. Fingers crossed still though, because from what I read on the net, we are still within that window that something could still show up.
Christmas is sneaking up on me. I still have people to get for. Gift cards mainly, but I still need something for Ryan and I still need to get both him and Dylan's stocking stuffers. The week of Christmas we are kind of busy, so this week is really my last chance to get what I need. Oh, and I still have Christmas cards that need to go out! I ran out of stamps and kept forgetting to get some more. Great. Man this month is just flying by! Where does all of the time go anymore?

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