Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today wasn't the greatest. I haven't felt well at all today, but what's new, huh?
Friday we took Chloe to the vet to be spayed. So we don't have to deal with any puppies. I thought for sure that she would be sluggish and lazy today recovering, but NOOOOO she was hyper as can be. If I had stitches in my tummy I know for sure I'd be laying around for a few days! She's a tough one.
Last night we had a line of storms go through. They weren't a big deal, and not a lot of rain either. Well, 2 hours after they go through our stinkin electric goes out! So its about 5 am when it goes out. So I do my best to go back to sleep and get a little more sleep before the house heats up too much to sleep. I managed a couple more hours. The power company didn't get the power back on until 11:30! How does the weather cause an outage, when the weather is calm? Yeah I don't know either. But according to the power company there were widespread outages. I called 3 other people in the county and some how, our road seemed to be the only ones with out power! Go figure.
Dylan was wound up today! Not a good thing when I feel like poo. We made it through the day though. Im hoping I feel better tomorrow.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean stupid power company can't keep power up anywhere! P.S Have you talked to Cindy in the past 2 days?


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