Friday, May 15, 2009

Ugh, well I fear morning sickness isn't too far away. My gag reflex is getting stronger, smells are bothering me a lot, and I don't have much of an appetite lately. Breakfast and lunch I am usually forcing myself to eat, knowing an empty stomach will only lead to me feeling worse. But by dinner I'm usually starving because, well, I don't eat much for the first 2 meals. I was so hoping that I would escape the morning sickness this time. All signs are pointing to a big NO on that one!
The well driller guy showed up today! I guess it's official, there will be a hole #2. Supposedly he is coming back tomorrow to move the rig and get ready to drill. I say supposedly, because its likely he won't be here tomorrow. That's just how he operates!
Not much else. We were outside this morning before lunch. We weren't outside but 5 minutes and I saw a tick just starting to crawl on Chloe. Not much later, one on Dylan's sleeve! Shortly after that, I saw one crawling on a board on the bottom of the play set! Unbelievable!!! Why are they so thick this year? Grrr!

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