Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not a whole lot. It's been HOT! I'm not fond of hot and humid weather unless there is an ocean within 100 yards of me. And since my house is not oceanfront, I hate it. It seems a bit early in the year for mid 80 temps. I'm still nauseous a lot of the time. It seems to hit me mid morning. Then sticks with me off and on through the rest of the day. Yuck. When I was out today I picked up some peppermint candies to hopefully help with the nausea. They didn't help last time with Dylan, but I figured I would give it a shot this time around. So far so good! I felt queasy on the way home and popped one of them, and it did help. So lets hope that keeps up, at least for a little while!
Ryan is still in the process of planting. So whenever possible, I send Dylan to ride in the tractor with his dad. Dylan just loves it. The kid's face lights up when you ask him if he wants to go in the tractor with daddy.
For some reason I feel this overwhelming need to go do something with Dylan. Like the zoo or aquarium. I wouldn't mind taking him to a beach, but honestly, the lakes in this state are nasty. Especially ones close to us. Have you walked around a beach at a local state park in the last few years??? I think they stink, the water bothers me...ick, and the loads of goose poop piles is nasty. I hate the sand too. So we wont do that now will we! Maybe once Ryan gets done planting we can take Dylan some where one day during the week. Weekends can be way too busy. I think he would like to go do something. He can talk more this year and understand a lot as well. Lets just hope I don't pass out in the heat, ha ha! But yeah, we should go do something, it would be fun. We got a recommendation that the Columbus Zoo is better than the Cinci Zoo. I went to Columbus when I was younger, but don't think I have been to the one in Cinci. Other than a zoo or aquarium, I don't have many ideas. Anyone else have any interesting ideas for a 2 1/2 year old??? I will take suggestions!

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  1. The Great Wolf Lodge is fun. They have a story hour, and little activities that younger kids can an aracde. Of course there's the indoor waterpark too. The rooms have microwaves and little fridges in them too. It is a little pricy but looks like fun you should check out the website.


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