Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Raining. Yep its raining. I'm a little cold we haven't done much today.
So I have a beef roast cooking in the crock pot and it is making me so hungry. All I can think about right now is food, ha ha. Ok, so we have a giant can of mixed nuts that I bought at Sams Club the other day. So last night I'm going through the cabinets and I see a bag of chocolate chips. So I melted them down, and stirred in the nuts, then dropped them on wax paper in clusters to cool. Today there were set, and they were so good! Homemade choco covered nut clusters!! Yay me!
Food...I am going to make noodles with my roast, and I am going to try to make some corn bread as well. We'll just have to see how cooperative Dylan is when he wakes from his nap. Last night I put a bag of mixed veggies on the microwave (broccoli and cauliflower) and then made a quick cheese sauce. My hope was that with the fairly healthy cheese sauce I made on top of the veggies, that Dylan would eat them. He ended up having 2 and a half servings of those veggies. Any other time he wouldn't touch those veggies! Yay!! Now I just need to buy more cheese so I can use it again. The kid loves cheese!
Ok, ta ta for now!

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