Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh so tired. Ethan is an eater. Despite how much I feed him during the day, the kid still eats every 2 hours at night. He has gained a pound since last Wednesday! Holy cow batman. So mommy is a tired mommy. I pounded down the coffee this morning to keep my eyes open. Again, I want to thank PBS and Sesame Street for a few moments of peace.
Every night at least once, Ethan gets the hiccups after he nurses. So I sit up with him, either rocking him or holding him upright until they are gone or at least until they aren't as forceful. If I lay him down while they are deep and forceful there is a good chance the poor kid will throw up. So that process usually lasts at least an hour. If he gets the hiccups twice at night, then I can kiss sleep good bye. I'm hoping since he is getting so big that one night he will just automatically back off of the feedings and go further in between. Some of the wakings I think is due to gas or poop problems. He feels like he has to go, but it doesn't happen as fast as he think it should so he spends quite a bit of time pushing. He really has no problem pooping. He has so many dirty diapers its crazy. So there is no lack of poop.
Ethan is 2 weeks old now!
Dylan is doing well. Some days it seems like all I am doing is getting after him for doing something he knows he isn't supposed to. This must be another phase. Like all the rest we will get through it I guess. We get this behavior phases every so often. Why is beyond me, but we do. This time, I think it has something to do with Ethan and my divided attention. Me being so exhausted all the time doesn't help either. I do the best I can, but I feel so bad for always being after Dylan for something. But I cant let his behavior go, because then he will think he can get away with anything.
Here are a few pictures. Ethan at 2 weeks, one of Dylan, and one of me and Ethan from last night.

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