Friday, February 19, 2010

Ethan turned one month old yesterday! It's kind of hard to believe. He is doing well. Growing like crazy. I'm shocked at how big he is really. Dylan at this age was still in newborn sleepers with room to grow. Ethan is in between the newborn and 3 months. He can only wear 2 of the newborn sleepers I have. I actually got a smile out of him the other day as well. He was laying in the bassinet and I got up to change his diaper. When I appeared over the side of the bassinet, he looked at me and smiled.
He wakes around 2 times a night to nurse. During the day its been about every 3 hours for the most part with the occasional every 2 hours. He is having more and more wake time during the day. Some days that's not a great thing, because he has days where he will just fuss the whole time he is awake. I do my best to entertain him, but he doesn't seem amused! Haha.
He still doesn't like his baths. He screams the whole time. Makes for a very noisy bath time. I hope he grows out of that and starts to enjoy them.
Dylan is doing well. Not much going on with him. He didn't get to go to school on Monday because of the stupid weather. We have so much snow sitting around here. We got about 7 or 8 inches on Monday, after the 6 or so from last week. I hope he can go this Monday, but right now its not looking too good. They are calling for a lot of freezing rain.
The pooing in the potty is still hit or miss with Dylan. I'm so done with his poopy diapers! This morning while I was changing Ethan's diaper, Dylan looked at Ethan and told him that he needs to poop in the potty and not in his diaper. Maybe Dylan should take his own advice, haha!! I tried to explain to Dylan that Ethan is too little.
Here is Ethan on his one month birthday!

Taking a nap in his swing. That thing is once again proving to be a sanity saver!

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  1. It's unreal how fast they grow isn't it? Nellie's a month old tomorrow and she's been in size 1 diapers for a week. We weighed her yesterday - 9 pounds! She was 7lbs 2oz at birth.

    I'm envious that your Ethan seems to sleep well at night! Nellie has her days and nights mixed up and will almost NEVER lay in her cradle for naps. She only seems to want to sleep in her swing or on my chest or daddy's chest. Oy vey!


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