Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Would you like cheese with your whine?

Seriously, what a day. I got the kids out the door this morning by 8:30. It was a nice day despite rain overnight. A little damp out, but warm. So out they went. They fought and whined all morning! Ethan was in and out because somehow, his shoe kept coming off. Nap time came around and I put Ethan down and made Dylan play in his room quietly. Ethan didn't sleep long. So back outside they went. And it was a repeat of the morning. It was just silly little things they were doing to make each other mad, but it was a bit annoying. We had dinner a little earlier than normal because Ryan had somewhere to be. I got them in the bath too before it started storming here. And you know what? They could have filled the bathtub with their tears! And I really am not sure why either of them were crying. So bath time was short. Very short. Dylan ended bath time standing naked in the bathroom crying because his towel was on the floor. *sigh*
As I write this, it is storming...a bit. Nothing bad. But I am counting the seconds to bedtime. It seems like an eternity. I have hope that tomorrow will be better. Dylan has school, so at least they wont be together all morning. They will get a bit of a break from each other.
Well, here's to a better day tomorrow!

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