Monday, April 16, 2012

Where's the wine?

We didn't do much this weekend. Sunday was grocery day as usual. And as usual I didn't get everything on my list. I get so frustrated with the store at times. They are out of this or that, they don't have what I want. For 3 weeks now, I keep looking for flat leaf parsley. They haven't had it. This time they were also out of strawberries. Blah...anyway.
I have been pushing the kids out the door each morning right after breakfast. Inside they drive me insane. And at least I can get things done while they are playing too. Oh, no worries, we are so far from the road that we cant even see the road. There is no danger of them getting caught up in traffic. There are too many fields for them to run through. But yesterday and today it has been so incredibly windy out here. Windy enough that when Ethan comes around a corner it knocks him back. So this evening when they should have been out there, they weren't. Hopefully tomorrow is nice so I can get them out.
Wednesday Dylan has kindergarten registration. I am going to be honest too...I am not sad about sending him to kindy each day. He enjoys school, and I am hoping the same holds with this new school. And honestly I need the break. I have said it before and I will say it again, I get stressed. I am nervous about the assessment though. Not because I am afraid that he doesn't know things but because he is shy. I am not sure if he will answer the questions they ask him. Just because he is shy. Who knows...I am hoping he surprises me. I need to get the paperwork together for that day too. I meant to do it yesterday, but guess what! I forgot. Whoa...big surprise there.
What else?...Oh, we got our old house rented out. So no more worrying about it. Hopefully the renter is a good one. I guess we will find out! But anyway I am still glad that it is rented out. And we didn't have to waste the money by putting it in the paper. We saved that step at least. The kids will be in bed soon and I cant wait. The wine is in the fridge ready for my glass. I am ready to relax a bit.

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