Monday, April 9, 2012

Book Review: The Real Elizabeth

I was given a chance to read a book called The Real Elizabeth written by Andrew Marr. I really enjoy these types of books. Books about real people, real events. I didn't enjoy reading my history book in school, but in biography form, I will read just about anything. This book is about Queen Elizabeth II. While it is not an in depth book of her daily life, is still gives you a look at her as the Queen. Even as an American, I admit there is a bit of interest and intrigue with the Royals of Britain. Honestly, there isn't much about that them that I know. So this book gave a bit of background and information in the history of the family and of course Elizabeth herself. One interesting tidbit about the's being published to celebrate her 60th year as Queen. 60 years! Can you believe that? And yes, the book also touches a bit on Princess Diana.
The book includes back story of the Windsors and how and when she came into her current role. It highlights many of the milestones that made her who she is today. From her marriage, coronation, children, up to her grandchildren, the book touches it all. Like I mentioned before, it is not an in depth look at her daily life. The Royals are very guarded as to their personal lives. Well, most of them, as you will read about in the book. Queen Elizabeth is very traditional and keeps many parts of her life very private. She has seen a lot and heard a lot, which you will read about in this book. Personally, I have always wondered what the role of the Royals were in the government. After reading this book, I now know the answer to that question. The book touches on the relationship between the Queen and the many Prime Ministers. That is where you get an idea of part of her role in the government. And I must admit, I didn't think she had much to do with the government itself, but I was wrong. There isn't much that she doesn't know about in her country.
As someone who knew very little about the Royals and Queen Elizabeth, I found the book rather interesting. I imagine if I were British, I'd find it even more interesting. It is an easy reading book. Easy to follow but keeps you interested. Look it up on Amazon or in your local bookstore. Really, give it a read. I promise you will learn something, but you wont be bored.

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