Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Well I said that I have been feeling the baby move for a little bit now. Last night I was able to put my hand on my stomach and feel the movement from the outside! This is so much earlier than what is was with Dylan. Feeling the baby move is just the best part of pregnancy. I am so thrilled to feel all of this already. My next appointment is on Monday. Nothing too exciting I'm sure, just the usual heartbeat, blood pressure, "how do you feel" type of things.
We haven't been up to a whole lot. The heat has been horrible on me. Mainly the high humidity. The air is just so heavy most days. Today was actually a decent day, but it isn't going to last they say. Back to the humidity tomorrow. Monday Ryan and I are going to Hollywood Casino for a short getaway. I'm looking forward to it. A short break will be good for me. Its not Vegas, but I guess it will have to do for now, haha! We will go back to Vegas at some point though!

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