Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 11 and a few other things

The weather has been so amazing lately. In the 70s almost every day this week. Normally we should be in the 50s. And I think sometime in the next few days it is supposed to be 80. Crazy. While this warm weather is nice, I have to wonder what the consequenses will be later. I mean surely we cant just get away with this without something else happening. They say the allergy season will be longer (obviously) and will be worse. I imagine that the bugs this year will be worse as well. Flys and mosquitos, fleas for the pets. It has been a little wetter than normal too. That I could do without. I really have been enjoying this weather though. Its fantastic.
The sunsets this week have been gorgeous. With the scattered clouds in the sky they make for some pretty colors. Sunsets are the photo of the week. So here are a few from the other night.

And here is week 11's photo:

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