Sunday, September 20, 2009

We finally made it to the zoo on Saturday! We went up to Columbus. It has been so long since I've been there. We made it through everything. I'm pretty sure we didn't miss anything. Dylan did very well. A couple of times he showed a bit of an attitude, but it never lasted long. When I got him up that morning I told him we were going to the zoo and told him what kind of animals lived at the zoo. After that he was ready to go. He seemed to focus a lot on the elephant for some reason. I don't remember what we saw first. We did get to see the elephant he was wanting to see.

Some of the animals were napping which did make it a little difficult for him to see, but it didn't seem to bother him much. The tiger was putting on a show for everyone. It kept pacing in front of the window.

Dylan was able to touch a snake.

The gorillas were out and showing themselves. It looked like one of them was meditating. The other was right up to the window showing off.

There was an orangutan that stayed close to the window. Taking pictures was a little difficult. The glares from the glass kept me from taking a lot of pictures. I kept the flash off in most cases. If I didn't then you wouldn't be able to see anything.

They had a lot of really beautiful birds through out the zoo.

This animal seemed odd to us. We had never heard of an okapi before. It looked like the animal had the head of a giraffe, and the legs of a zebra.

Once we saw the okapi, it kind of dawned on us that there were no giraffes or zebras!! I thought every zoo had zebras and giraffes. Guess not. They must be going for more unknown animals now.

We ate at a food court inside the zoo. Luckily they had stuff that I knew was ok for Dylan to eat. He ate well that's for sure. We got to the zoo at around 10 and left around 2 after we had seen everything. It was getting very busy by the time we were heading out. The aquarium part was a little disappointing. It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Dylan didn't get to touch any animals in the aquarium either because the touch pool was closed for a break. I think they scheduled themselves an hour break and the aquarium was one of the last things we saw, so we weren't going to stick around for an extra hour.

Overall it was a good day. We all enjoyed ourselves. But my feet were a little swollen after all the walking. I kind of expected that though. Dylan finally fell asleep when we were about 15 minutes from home. I was hoping he would fall asleep shortly after we left the parking lot. You could tell he was exhausted. But he fought sleep just about the whole way home.

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