Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gloomy, rainy, blah. That's been the last few days here. I have been trying my best to get things done around the house. Basically trying to de-clutter the whole downstairs. So far it's not going all that well. Dylan has been my main roadblock. As soon as I get something done, the booger goes behind me and un-does it. I got the fridge cleaned out. That was getting bad. Lets just leave it at that. I want to get the soon to be bedroom cleaned out as well, but man that is not easy. There is a lot of stuff in that room. My hope is to move Dylan into the room where our computer is now and put the new little boy into Dylan's old room. Dylan will get a little bigger of a room that way.
We also want to get Dylan moved over to a regular bed. That could be interesting. I don't want to move the crib. Dylan is old enough anyway to be in a normal bed. The challenge will just be getting him to stay in bed once we put him there! Once we get a doorway built for the room we can get moving on all of this.
Basically we need progress in this house, and that is not happening. I am getting antsy with it all too. I want to get things moving.
It's killing me not to go buy the few things I need for this new baby. I want baby stuff! But there is no point in buying it so early, so I am doing my best to hold off. Its not easy though! Once Dylan is moved then I can get all of the clothes down and ready. Along with all the other infant things we stored away.

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