Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gotta start somewhere

Im sure it will take a while for this whole thing to start to take shape, so be patient!
We aren't doing much this week. On mondays I take Dylan down to a daycare/preschool center not too far from us. My purpose for doing it was so that he could socialize with other kids a little bit. It seems to be going well. We call it his school. Some days they play outside, others they do various activities inside. Between that and the things he and I do during the day here at home, he is developing well. He knows some letters, numbers, and shapes. He can count to 20. For us, I think that is huge. We like to use a website (http://www.starfall.com/) for learning letters. He asks for that site often. He likes to sit and let me read to him. We will sit and read book after book. Some books he will open back up after we finish and pretend to read them using the words he can remember from the story. Its so cute!
Ryan is working a lot this week. From monday it will be 3 days in a row. Thursday he is off, then back on friday and again on sunday. I dont like when he works so many days in a row, but it happens. At least its overtime. Each day when Dylan wakes up he asks me if daddy is working. Then again many many times through the day.
Dinner tonight will be crispy onion chicken and mashed potatoes. Some sort of veggie too, just dont know yet!

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